Bitcoin Mining Clients for Windows & Mac

Bitcoin Mining Clients for Windows & Mac

We have made a selection of the best mining tools to mine Bitcoins on your Mac and PC. We show you where to download them, and we give some information about the program. If you are looking for a good mining client for Bitcoins, then you have come to the right page! The mining clients can be downloaded from the Bitcoin Github Page.

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Bitcoin Mining Clients For Windows

The most known source to mine Bitcoins is of course the official client which is downloadable from It is very stable, and it is supported by the creators of the currency itself. However, it is not the most powerful client, and it might not use the maximum processing power that your PC can handle. This would be a shame, as you would be missing out on Bitcoins. An other very popular, and more powerful, mining client is called GUIminer (click to download from Github). It has a nice user interface, and you can directly input your worker name and password, mining pool and port. This client also supports solo mining if you have a powerful computer.

A third mining client that a lot of people use is called Diablo Miner. It is an OpenCL miner for Bitcoins that is powered by Java. The client is supported on Windows and Macs, and it can be downloaded from their Github page. Diablo Miner supports solo mining and pool mining.

Bitcoin Mining Clients For Mac

Mining Bitcoins on a Mac is a little bit different then on a Windows pc, as the normal clients for Windows are not supported on a Macintosh. Luckily for the Mac OSX users, there are some precompiled programs available that will get you mining Bitcoins on your mac in a matter of minutes. Before you start Bitcoin mining, please make sure that the operating system that you need to use is Snow Leopard 10.6 or higher.

The most popular and stable miner for Mac is called Bitcoin-Qt (click for Mac OSX Download). It is the main program which is developed by the creators of Bitcoin, and it has an in built wallet with miner to support solo and pool mining. It is very easy to setup, just download, install, download the blockchain, and go!


  1. Great list! Which of the programs give you the best mining rate?

    • I’d say that the GUIMiner for Windows, and the official Bitcoin-Qt client for Mac OSX are the best as of now

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