How To Mine Feathercoin On Windows

How To Mine Feathercoin On Windows

Feathercoins (FTC) or FC stated in the Feathercoin-Qt client is a new  As Feathercoin is a relatively new Cryptocurrency, there is not a lot of documentation ready for you to use. Therefore we have decided to create a guide which explains you how to setup your mining installation for Feathercoins on your Windows operating system. The first thing you need to do is to go to the official Feathercoin website. You then need to download the Windows client from their website.

After you have done that you can download the Pooler CPU miner from this Github Page. Download the binary’s for your system, unzip the content and place it in the same directory as your Feathercoin-Qt client. This is essential, because Feathercoin-Qt needs the minerd.exe file to start mining. You can now start up your FTC mining client, which will automatically download the blockchain. This process can take up some time, as it will download all the blocks that have been solved since the launch of the crypto coin. If you want to mine solo then you will have to wait until the whole blockchain has been downloaded, if you are pool mining you can start directly.


Sign up to a Feathercoin mining pool, create a worker, and input the details in the required fields. The amount of threads can be set to the amount of cores that your processor has. You can un-check debug logging, as it is not important. After you have done this you can start up the mining client, and your client should start mining within a few seconds. If you have more questions about mining Feathercoins, you can ask them in the comments below. I will try to respond to them as fast as possible.

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