Litecoins to MtGox, When and What?

Litecoins to MtGox, When and What?

For the past few weeks there have been several rumors going on of Litecoin (LTC) going on the biggest crypto currency exchange MtGox. This was only a speculation, till last week, when MtGox officially announced that they were going to implement Litecoin into their exchange. Although an exact date was not set, they did say that they were looking into adding Litecoin July, along with their new Trading engine.

Now the biggest question is: What will this mean for Litecoin and its users?. First and foremost, the price of Litecoins will shoot up. Some say to $25, and others even say that the price may reach $50. There are also users who think that the price of Litecoins may even become higher then the price of Bitcoins, as LTC has fixed some major flaws which are in the BTC algorithm (Faster transaction confirmations, ASIC proof). Therefore it would be more likely for stores to Accept LTC instead of BTC.

When Litecoins are accepted on MtGox, they will also get a lot more exposure to the world. Webshops will also be able to accept LTC through MtGox’s payment modules, which means that the coin will go more and more mainstream. Of course, this will only do good for Crypto currency’s in general, and it is only a matter of time before we can pay our daily groceries with Litecoins.

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