TigerDirect processes $500,000 in Bitcoin Payments in 3 days

TigerDirect processes $500,000 in Bitcoin Payments in 3 days

Since online retailer TigerDirect has started accepting Bitcoins about 3 days ago, they have processed more then half a million dollars worth of purchases where Bitcoin was used as a payment method. The amount was spent in more then 2500 orders. They told us earlier that they got $250,000 in sales in the first 17 hours of accepting the payment method. They have just sent us these new statistics after reaching the $500,000 milestone. The company processes about $2 billion worth of purchases each year.

Now you might think, if they got $250K in 17 hours, and $500K in 3 days, arent they slowing down? The answer is no. When TigerDirect first published they accepted Bitcoin as a payment method, they got a huge boost in website visitors from their Social Media accounts, as from online blogs who reported the news. The sudden big publicity meant a lot more visitors to the website, which equals more sales for them. Then there is the fact that people wanted to test the BitPay integration, just to see how paying with Bitcoin works on such a big webstore.

Ofcourse, these numbers are still bullish, and the real impact of accepting the digital currency will become visible in 3 months, when the quarterly sales figures are announced. However, $500,000 in just 3 days is still a great number for a new currency used by only a small group of people.

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